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my blog is live!

The blog is officially live, and this post will actually be the first 'update' commited to the blog. Next project ideas may include adding some kind of comment or note section to interact with the website.


Feb 2, 2023

my first blog post

Hello world, my name is Robert. I think computers are fascinating. A little box in my hand with colossal complexity. For a long time now, computers have revolutionized problem solving in the modern world. Most modern creature comforts today come from computers.

Out of six children my parents had, I was number five. Everyone always had something going on, there was never a dull moment in our household. It was very easy to disappear for hours, everyday on a computer without anyone noticing, at least initially. From this I developed a close relationship with my computer. The computer was able to help me with my homework, build new skills, win debates or arguments, and offer me an escape from moments of boredom.

Despite all of that, I never pursued a formal education with computers for some reason. Maybe because of my lack of interest in school at the time. Looking back, I never actually gained an understanding or appreciation for what was really going on behind the scenes. In January of 2022 I decided I would start reading books online about computer science and engineering. I decided I wanted to create. I wanted to innovate. I wanted to be a part of the future.

Introductions out of the way; I actually have no real purpose for this blog. I have no goal behind it. It may be used to just vent, or share something I've learned. I may used it to reteach the concepts I'm learning myself, to solidify knowledge. Either way, thanks for visiting.


Feb 1, 2023

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